All Time Father-Daughter Webtoons and Manga

Parenting is tough. Even more so if you are a single parent. Here are some webtoons and manga on father-daughter relationship.

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Usagi Drop. One of the more popular but controversial father-daughter manga of all time.

anga and webtoon focusing on father-daughter relationship has recently picked back up in popularity again, and there's some real gems out there. Some are pure fluff, and some may even lead to romance. Regardless, these comics on parenthood brings up many great slice-of-life moments as they explore the relationship between the daughter and her (usually) only parent. Here's some of my favourites! I made sure to add the raw title so it's easier to google. Let's start with the one that I believe most have heard of...

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Here's a list of my favourite webtoons in general! I hope you enjoy the list.

1. Usagi Drop (うさぎドロップ)

Kaga Rin, the daughter in Usagi Drop
Kaga Rin, the daughter in Usagi Drop. Image from Comic Zine.

Whelp, this manga made me realize how old I am. Serialized from October 2005 to April 2011, Usagi Drop collected 9 volumes, got an anime, a live action film and was licensed in English by Yen Press. Overall, a very successful franchise. The father, Daikichi is a 30 year old bachelor when he adopted Rin. It was during his grandfather's funeral when he discovered that his deceased grandfather had a child! Blimey. No one wanted to adopt Rin, so Daikichi took up the challenge.

Usagi Drop is all about Daikichi's challenges as he try his darndest best to raise a kid, all the while balancing work, family and love life.

Be warned, you may or may not like the ending. Yup, it's completed and fully scanlated as well.

2. Hinamatsuri (ヒナまつり)

Hinamatsuri's first volume cover featuring Hina and Nitta.
First volume cover of Hinamatsuri. Image from Amazon.

Yoshifumi Nitta is a yakuza, and he got to take care of a girl from the future called Hina. Hina has powerful psychokinetic powers. Things happened, and now Nitta got to take care of Hina and the chain of events her arrival has sparked. It's quirky and funny, basically the type of manga where a unique character appeared and a ton of things happening along with the character's arrival. There's some really great moments between the two that explores their relationship.

It got an anime and is still ongoing at the time of this writing.

3. Who made me a princess (어느날 공주가 되어버렸다)

Athanasia and her father, Claude.
Athanasia and her father, Claude. Image from Tappytoon.

This is the standard-fair isekai story for a webtoon. Lonely girl dies in our world and was reincarnated as a baby in another fantasy world, but said baby is a princess! It turns out she was reincarnated into a world of a light novel she was reading before she died. The princess's name is Athanasia, daughter to a cold-blooded emperor, Claude de Alger Olbelia. According to the novel she read, Athanasia will die by the hands of her own father. Will she be able to avoid the death penalty?

The opening act is a rehash of most isekai but don't let that fool you. The pacing is perfect. What delights me the most in this webtoon is the way the artist drew the eyes, hair and clothing. It's really detailed since the line art is fine and thin. Colours pop and character motions aren't awkward either. It's an engaging read, please give it a try.

4. If it's for my daughter, I'd even defeat a demon lord (うちの娘の為ならば、俺はもしかしたら魔王も倒せるかもしれない。)

Dale and Latina on the light novel's first volume cover
Dale and Latina, the father-daughter pair. Image from Amazon.

Dale was out on a job as an adventurer when he stumbled upon Latina, a disheveled young girl in the forest. He soon realized Latina is of the devil race, yet her horn is broken. Only criminals get their horns broken... Of course, Dale says screw that and adopted our cute Latina.

This story is nothing but fluff and overcoming racism. Humans and devils don't really get along in this story due to their aging differences and magic capabilities. We see both Dale and Latina warming up to each other, and just Latina doing really sweet things for the people around her. I honestly love this series only because Latina is in it.

Be warned, you may or may not want to google for the light novel's ending. It's a little controversial.

5. They say I was born a king's daughter (왕의 딸로 태어났다고 합니다)

Sang Hee Kim and her father, King of Koryo Kingdom
Sang Hee Kim and her father, King of Koryo Kingdom. Image from Tapas.

Suhee Kim is every man's favourite girl. She was constantly showered with praises and gifts and yet, she never knew true love. That is, until she met Jinsu Han. She was murdered on her way back home to get the story started and voila, reincarnated into a baby in another world.

While she was naturally loved in her previous world, things are not the same here. She's no longer Suhee Kim, but Sang Hee Kim, princess of Koryo kingdom. She may be a princess but in a misogynistic world, that title is useless. All women are seen as inferior and forced to bow before the men, natural wielders of magic. Naturally, women can't wield magic and men can simple off women as they please.

You see Sanghee work really hard to survive in this harsh world. She butter up to her brothers, and act cute whenever possible as to make the men lower their guard down.

The artist drew the eyes real big, and the body anatomy may seem a little off at times. Colours are really flat too, and background art is nonexistent. Despite the artistic cons, I am hooked by the story. The dialogues are simple and I feel inclined to continue reading just to see what's going to happen next.

Read it in Tapas! The webtoon is still ongoing. This series is based of the light novel with the same title.

6. Daughter of the Emperor (황제의 외동딸)

Emperor of the Agrigent Empire, Caitel Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent. Caitel, for short.
Emperor of the Agrigent Empire, Caitel Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent. Caitel, for short. Image from Tappytoon.

Just like every isekai out there, the main character in this webtoon Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent was murdered in her previous life and reincarnated as the only daughter of the crazed emperor, Caitel. This emperor is basically a happy-go-murder king that chops head off whenever he feels like it. War? No problem. Rebellion? Chop chop, quell them all.

Caitel was so bloodthirsty, he proceeded to off most of the women vying for his attention. Ariadna wasn't supposed to survive her first encounter with her father but lady luck smiles upon her that day. Caitel spared her and the story of a doting father begins.

I wasn't about to add this recommendation in, but I figure some folks may enjoy it better than I do. The first 100 or so chapters of Ria (Ariadna's nickname) growing up was sweet, but slow paced. Dialogues were more on her thoughts and nothing happens. I repeat, barely anything happens. It's just slice of life moments but even those are slow moments.

Art isn't anything fancy, but the artist draws characters seen from the sides really weirdly. Worst still, the artist enjoys drawing the characters seen from the sides. Line art are thin and detailed, yet it fails to give an oomph feel. It's not bad, but it could be better.

If you enjoy slice of life moments, then this is for you.

7. Youngest Princess (막내 황녀님)

This is a recent addition and I binged it in one day. It’s pretty cute!

There is a magical kingdom so powerful, it's people are ageless and prosperous thanks to their mastery in magic. Three powerful mages form the basis of this kingdom’s power, and the famous among the three is the archmage. She is the most powerful amongst the three, as well as wielding the largest mana reservoir. As she lays down to rest after a hard day at work, a magical circle forms beneath her bed and prevents her from using her magic. The blinding light envelops her and the next second, she’s… a baby? But she’s not just any baby, she is the third princess of Hyperion, and her birthright matches the very oracle spoken of since the olden days. 

Youngest Princess webtoon cover
Enisha and her father, the Emperor of Hyperion. He dotes on his daughter so much it's adorable.

As the third princess of Hyperion, she was loved and cared for deeply. Both her twin brothers and father peppers her with so much affection, it’s adorable. If you enjoyed They say I was born a king's daughter, then you’ll like this one.

What's your favourite among these choices?

I personally love these series because they are fluffy to read. However, some of these suggestions explore the complexity of the parent-child relationship really well too. All in all, these are the ones that really gave me the strongest impressions. I hope you enjoy my recommendations!

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