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A short welcoming speech for you lovely folks

By nabe-chan
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elcome! I see that you've stumbled upon my personal blog. I prefer anonymity on the web so I call myself nabe-chan in here. This blog is mostly used as a personal space for testing out current web development tech or to write about any anime, manga or games I find really interesting. Sometimes I might even talk about tech topics! You'll occasionally see posts on news, reviews, first impressions or maybe even opinion pieces on these topics. I code web apps related to ACG (anime, comics, games) as well using any tech stack I find interesting, or exploring ideas that I won't get to use at work. The blog posts and web apps are a mix of every hobby I enjoy.

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It'll make my day if you find any of my blog posts useful or interesting! You can find out more about me here. All links to available pages can be found in the footer at the bottom of this page, or at the top of this page's navigation bar.

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Secretly thinks dubs are better than subs, Sword Art Online is actually not bad, and everyone must read from MangaPlus. Find out about the owner of this blog (it's me by the way) here. I couldn't possibly cover every manga I've read so check out my MDList! I'll do an anime and games list... soon. Maybe a VGM list too. I love them on my Spotify!