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I added banners to my Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea Time app

This is a banner showcase! Enjoy.

By nabe-chan
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his is probably old news by now since I made a ruckus on Twitter about this, but I’m really proud of my work. So I would like to show it here in this blog post! I made banners for each and every one of the Tea Time quiz/answer pages. You can find the tea time app here. There are 40 pages for each character, plus 1 page for the index page! In total, I made 41 banners :D I used Photoshop for the endeavour.

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Proof I make a lot of noise on Twitter

I added them to the meta image tag in every Tea Time page, so they will only show up when you copy and paste the link on a social media platform/chat rooms. 

Here’s the index page’s banner. I debated if I should put in Rhea as well, but four house leaders in a row make for a better spectacle.

End of Advert
I wanted to put Claude first but it's simply not canon to put him first... I am sorry Claude.

Each character from their respective houses gets their own red, blue, yellow and black as their motif. I try to find the nicest colour palettes to go with their main colours. I mulled over the background a lot since I knew a nicely done background does wonder for the mood of the graphic. ~40% opacity + ~50% fill seems to work nicely! But I didn’t want to have everyone using the same background, so I picked their hair colour and added a subtle gradient to each background.

End of Advert
Felix's banner. He's all blue so the background colour fits him just fine.
Anna's is special since she is a DLC character which I have no idea what colour to associate her with. Putting money for her background is a bit too much...
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I thought about the portrait a lot. I knew I wanted a floral pattern, but I didn’t know how to incorporate it nicely since each element has a jagged edge to them. Blurring the edges make the whole portrait looks much softer and in-line with the floral pattern. As for the font, I used Cormorant. It’s a nice font if used right.

End of Advert
I try to match everyone's head so their head sizes look the same... But darn that headdress is in the way.
Lysithea can shock me anytime.
Here, the background for Linhardt's is greenish at the top. This is intentional.

I didn't want to put every banner here since it'll suck up your data dry, so please copy and paste the links to see the images on your social media platforms! Or if you know how to use the Developer Tools, check out the twitter:image tag. Thank you for viewing the banners.

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