The state of my blog in 2019

A quick blurb on what happened this year, and what's to come in 2020.

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t was a fairly short ride for you, the readers, but it felt like ages to me when this blog first came to be. It was about May 2019 when the basic structure of the blog and design came to me. I honestly really wanted a blog by then, but I hadn't got a clue how I want it to be. So when the lightbulb goes on in my head, I quickly scribbled down the idea and sketched out the basic idea of how the hotpot mascot is going to be. It was then that I came up with the name geeknabe. I wanted it to be a mix of everything geeky that I love like how you would do a hotpot, hence the name of this blog. I kinda jumped the gun too by buying the domain name almost immediately after I thought of it.

Since then, this blog has undergone a full design change three times and moved from one domain service provider to another twice. This blog was under development for about 6 months before I am fully confident that it is ready. Creating and hosting a blog is an entirely new experience for me, and I wasn't peeved that I had to experiment a ton to get to where I am now. The whole development and writing are really fun for me, and I honestly can't wait to do some writing whenever I have free time.

Blog Stats from October to December

Technically speaking, my blog only started hosting her first visitors during late October but I've been really proud of where it is now. Here are some stats so I can brag a little :D

In October, I posted a link to Fire Emblem's Subreddit and the page views ballooned. It was a link to a Tea Time app I did. I was absolutely floored by the response.

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Blog stats for October 2019

In November and December, I started looking for a circle of anime/manga/games bloggers to join and it honestly paid off. I get to connect with like-minded folks, and it's just so much happier blogging with that in mind. Even tweeting is fun now.

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Blog stats for November 2019
Blog stats for December 2019
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I made an account in Pinterest too, so you'll occasionally see custom made graphics to promote my blog post there. It's nothing too fancy in terms of Pinterest stats but I am still pretty happy with it. After all, I only started this account in November.

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I made a graphic for the Tea Time app I did, and added it as a pin in Pinterest.
Graphic for blog posts look something like this. Not the best but eh, gets the job done.

What's my blog content like?

In 2019, I wrote 20 blog posts, 1 app, 1 fan page, and added 2 guest posts. I actually planned to write at least 30 blog posts and code at least 2 apps this year but all's fair I guess. I'm really happy with the content writing overall.

Also, you might have noticed that we have a guest writer. Yup, Mari-chan is one of geeknabe's newest addition to the writer's team! I haven't got the time (and design inspiration) to create a team page yet, but I will announce her as a team member officially soon.

The blog is constantly improving

Throughout November and December, I've been constantly improving my blog's look and user experience. It's a little closer to what I envision now, but there's still more work to be done. I have uh, about 5 projects that I want to get worked on as soon as possible next year too! It's a list of stupid crazy projects but damn it, if I don't get it worked on it'll stay in my backlog forever. What projects are those? Well, it's a secret for now :)

Future plans

In 2020, I plan to write even more blog posts focused on anime and manga. I love these two niche hobbies of mine, so I never run out of things to write about. As for games, I'm (always) a little tight on money so this topic is a little harder for me, so I may jump into writing for IOS games. There are a ton of great free-to-play IOS games out there if you know where to look. I have a ton of tech topics to write about too, since my job involves developing for the web. I try to write about topics that relates to blogging, or tips that I find really useful. I may even write a guide on SEO or how to create a blog like geeknabe, but it's a little involved so it may take awhile.

All in all

I notice blog posts that answers to the readers' needs get more viewership. I admit, I like seeing the stats of my blog rising up. However, I plan to balance between writing clickbaity ones and opinionated ones. I try my best to adhere to SEO keywords but there are times I want to write what I want to write. This blog is my little happy place and I intend for it to stay that way.

Thank you!

This blog couldn't have been what it is without the readers. I am really thankful to all the anibloggers that I met along this journey. You can check them out Everyone's been really supportive and friendly, it's hard not to like what I do now! Thank you so much!

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