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Announcing an entirely new post tag: fanfiction. So like, we have 8 tags now on the landing page.

By nabe-chan
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bet you never saw this coming! … Hah, wrong franchise. This is a small project that’s been in the talks since a month ago. mari-chan wanted to write fanfics but the work is only for her own indulgence. She let me read some of her works and I’m convinced mari-chan is just modest about her writing. So I thought, I have a blog. Heck, I code it up from scratch. Why not make a fanfiction section for her?

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Fire Emblem Three Houses is one of geeknabe's favourite Nintendo Switch games. We wrote some posts featuring this game!

It’s a bit of a challenge since I need to rearrange the website and rethink my approach to rebasing my code. The blog is meant for blog posts so I arranged my source code as it is needed at the point of time. Now a new fanfiction section is tacked on! So it took a while to nail down the details and work it out. After 2 weeks of work (from planning and working on the code whenever I’m free), here we are! A section coded from scratch for mari-chan to flex her pen.

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Here are the new pages and changes! There’s an entirely new section for fanfiction updates on the landing page. I’ve also added a topic page for fanfiction, and an entirely new index page to list out all fanfics we have in the site. There’s also an individual page solely to showcase the fanfic’s details and listing out the chapters. I made sure each page are as simple as it can be so it doesn’t clutter your view. I noticed many readers loves to view my site on mobile so I worked extra hard that it looks good on your mobile too.

With a fanfiction section added, this blog has become somewhat gargantuan in source code size. While confirming the last details of my work before deploying it to the Internet, I took one good look at my project tree. Man, it’s huge. My blog has come a long way and I plan to add even more content!

Thank you for following my blog! Here’s the first chapter to mari-chan’s fanfic. You should give it a try if Dimitri x Byleth pairing is your favourite pairing.

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