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Why you should watch Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

I think I mellowed out too from watching Iruma-kun working his nice guy magic. Bold in colours and cast, it's a 2019 show with aspects you love from the 90s.

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Iruma is so used to saying yes and pleasing others, he forgot that he too, needs to decide for himself.

en different reasons why Iruma-kun is a fun anime to watch? Easy. But frankly, all you need is just one.

Iruma-kun is an unexpected 90s show barging into 2019 with a style we sorely miss from our younger times.

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A quick summary to start things off

Our protagonist is a kind-hearted, yet somewhat aimless in life young boy. He’s 14 years old, has never attended school, and never says No to any requests. Basically speaking, he's a yes boy. He's weak towards any requests that starts off with Please. To have a weak-willed protagonist is something unheard of in stories nowadays, but the author managed to write him just right.

The series starts off with his parents selling him for a hefty sum of cash... to a demon named Sullivan. As Iruma begin counting his final days, Sullivan proposed a preposterous request to him. Turns out all Sullivan ever wanted is a grandson to love 😩 ! Of course, Iruma-kun can’t say No to that.

The scene quickly cuts to him signing off a contract to the Sullivan. Poor Iruma. At least his grandpa loves him lots?

Iruma then quickly found out that Sullivan is the headmaster of a demon school, and once again, he can't say No to his loving grandpa's request to send him to school. Demons eat human here, so Iruma has to be careful not to let his classmates know he is human!

Even a succubus thinks your sex appeal is terrible!
Even a succubus thinks your sex appeal is terrible

So why should you watch this series?

Remember the good ole days, where you tune in to Saturday morning cartoons? Classics such as Digimon, Pokemon and Zoids graced the channels back then. Those anime were episodic, yet the action and humour string you along. These shows are all about kids doing their own thing in a fun, fantasy world. Iruma-kun is exactly that. The style reminds me so much of a 90s anime.

If the statement above doesn't convince you, then consider this - if you enjoy a colourful cast and watching them doing silly things (with a pinch of adventure), then this show is for you. I find myself happily clicking Next because I wanted more Iruma-kun <3

The cast is super colourful

I mean both literally and figuratively! Everyone has a unique and crazy character design that you can easily tell apart. I mean, look at those great hair colours. This series is just exploding in variety! Characters are really expressive. Plus, the art and animation maintained the same quality throughout the show. The look of this show is nothing special but it falls into the charming category.

Furthermore, the series never tries to get serious other than several "find yourself" scenes. This is one of the series's strength, and it played them well.

The school president over reacts to everything, just like a shoujo protagonist.
The school president over reacts to everything, just like a shoujo protagonist.

Iruma is a nice guy

The core of this series plot is mostly centred on Iruma being both a human and a kind-hearted person. All scenes played out as it is because Iruma is truly a nice guy. When I say nice, I mean he's a really, really nice guy. He looks gullible because he IS gullible. Despite having so much naivety in him, I find him really likeable as a character.

Demons are destructive in nature so Iruma's common sense does not play well with theirs. Watching the demons slowly warm up to him and mellow out makes my heart go soft in most of the episodes.

A show you can enjoy again and again

Some shows are best watched once and done. Take, for example, Code Geass. It’s built upon plot twists and more twists. That show's second season is literally built upon having a disadvantage happening to main cast, then having the Lelouch finding some way countering it. Knowing these twists beforehand ruins the fun of the episode no matter how epic it is, so you'll never find me re-watching Code Geass unless I've forgotten most of it.

Iruma-kun, on the other hand, consists of mostly silly fun episodes. It falls into a category where its a show I can watch again and again, even after I finished it. I’d put it in a list where I’ll be more than happy to rewatch it if I ever feel like doing an anime marathon. 

Note: The anime is ongoing as of writing, and there’s a manga that’s wayyyy beyond the anime. Give the manga a try too! 

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