Release Notes

Blog rearranged! Community now gets a page
ANOTHER BIG NEWS! I moved bloggers and youtubers to their own page.

Community page up!

You can now find everything you need to know about these bloggers and youtubers/podcasters from the Community page. This frees up the landing page to show more blog posts.

Blog posts can now belong to a series

Sometimes I write blog posts that can be considered a continuity. Adding a direct link into each blog post is not feasible (I might forget to do so) in the long run, so I simply made a side bar to automate that for me.

Removed twitter timeline

It's better to remove it so it won't suck up your mobile data.

Reduced shown blog posts to 4 per topic

Another data saving technique. Please view the topic pages for the full list.
BIG NEWS! New section - fanfiction is up!

So I heard ya like fanfics

mari-chan wants to write fanfiction. So I made a whole new slew of pages for her. Voila! We now have a fanfiction section! This includes a topic page for fanfiction and an index page for fanfics alone.
Of course, her first fanfiction is obviously about Dimileth pairing. Check out her first fanfic on!

Other changes

Updated Back to top button (at the bottom right of your page) to include going up and down the page. Added mari-chan's twitter follow button. Hid disqus comment section behind a big, big button. Click to show the disqus comment section. Added fanfiction section on the landing page. Tags in every fanfiction page and blog post pages can be clicked to go to the respective topic pages.
Each Tea Time page has a banner now!
Sooooo. You know how you paste a link and there's no accompanying banner/image? Not anymore! I added banners for each Tea Time page. So if you post the link on a social media platform, a banner appears. Here's the link to the blog post.
Rhea and Ashen Wolves kids are up!

Basement kids added

I added all four, plus Rhea's latest info. Constance is a bit special since she has two sets of tea time answers and quiz, so she gets a special arrangement.

Blog post and trivia page still stale

Please forgive me... I need my sleep. I will look at the stats soon!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tea Time app minor updates

Ashen Wolves + Pope(?) on the way!

Hapi, Constance, Yuri and Balthus tea time info is still not up while Rhea's is incomplete, but I added a note to tell you guys I'm on the case! Thank you for your support.

Removed Pinterest

No longer have any interest with pins... I find myself too busy to create graphics! So off she goes. Pinterest buttons removed from blog.