Release Notes

Rhea and Ashen Wolves kids are up!

Basement kids added

I added all four, plus Rhea's latest info. Constance is a bit special since she has two sets of tea time answers and quiz, so she gets a special arrangement.

Blog post and trivia page still stale

Please forgive me... I need my sleep. I will look at the stats soon!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tea Time app minor updates

Ashen Wolves + Pope(?) on the way!

Hapi, Constance, Yuri and Balthus tea time info is still not up while Rhea's is incomplete, but I added a note to tell you guys I'm on the case! Thank you for your support.

Removed Pinterest

No longer have any interest with pins... I find myself too busy to create graphics! So off she goes. Pinterest buttons removed from blog.
New bloggers, youtubers and podcasts added!

The community is now bigger!

Check out a ton of bloggers and new youtubers/podcasts I added. Give them a follow! You can find the list on my homepage.

Related posts updated

I changed how I display related posts in every blog. Since I am loading 10 posts in a carousel, readers are technically loading 10 full sized thumbnails as well. I have removed the thumbnails and chose to display the tag and time.
Heart it feature added!

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with Back to Home.Heart the blog posts...I added a feature where you can spam hearts to the blog post. So if you like the blog post, click on the heart!

Minor CSS changes

I made the Share to social media icons a bit more obvious. Made the blog post cards on mobile look flatter and the fonts smaller.
Jeritza and Anna added to Tea Time!
I totally forgot about these two! You can now find their details and quiz in this page. I categorized them into the DLC section. Just click on the DLC quick nav pill, right next to the rest of the houses.