Release Notes

Improved website performance
You won't notice much since I didn't change the visuals but the site should load in a snap now. Added font preloading and image preloading wherever possible. Thank you Imgix!
Blog update for May
Realllly minor updates. Read more below:

New type of advert added

It's called In-Article ads. It's supposed to blend in with blog posts so it's less intrusive when you read it. Let's see how this goes...

Blog post's last updated date shown

I like to update my blog posts to fix some typo, grammatical errors and sometimes, I even write new things in! You can now see when was the last time I updated the blog post's content.

Styling changes

Did you notice how my blog post little cards look like in mobile now? <3 I updated them! I didn't like how they look so boxed up, so I removed the borders.
Blog update for April
BEWARE: Incoming wall of text

Blog post images size increased

All blog posts will have their image increased to 130% by default on Desktop and Tablet view. On Mobile view, a button to enlarge it will be shown.

Blogpost Series box moved

On Desktop view, it used to be on the left hand side. It's a box where I list all related blogposts to the current one. I moved it to be together with the blog post content to prevent covering the images now sized at 130%.

Community list reduced

I removed bloggers that I no longer follow. The list is now reduced to 62 bloggers from 76.

About page updated

I updated the bio and description to better highlight our current blogging situation. Will you be able to notice more minor styling changes? <3

Ads are more descriptive

As in, descriptive in where they start and end.

Topic pages updated

To be frank, I only updated their description.

Fanfiction section styling updated

Just minor changes here and there. The static chat box have their colours tweaked to fit the blog's.

Heart this post feature limit updated

You can only spam up to 300 hearts in 1 session. I updated that to 500 now.

Added Night mode

But only for fanfiction chapters. There's a toggle next to the hearts and page view counter, so it is easy to spot.

Fixed order of related posts

It wasn't sorting by latest date before this.
Fanfiction updated to have static chat box
mari-chan's fanfiction is getting hot (in terms of plot). So to help her convey that better, I made this chat boxes that mimics your social media chatting pop ups. Check out Chapter 6 to see it in action :D
Blog rearranged! Community now gets a page
ANOTHER BIG NEWS! I moved bloggers and youtubers to their own page.

Community page up!

You can now find everything you need to know about these bloggers and youtubers/podcasters from the Community page. This frees up the landing page to show more blog posts.

Blog posts can now belong to a series

Sometimes I write blog posts that can be considered a continuity. Adding a direct link into each blog post is not feasible (I might forget to do so) in the long run, so I simply made a side bar to automate that for me.

Removed twitter timeline

It's better to remove it so it won't suck up your mobile data.

Reduced shown blog posts to 4 per topic

Another data saving technique. Please view the topic pages for the full list.