Feb 20
3 min read
Persona Q2 on the 3DS has a pixel problem
I like the game, but the pixelation feels a bit on the glaring side. It definitely deserves to be on a console with a better resolution!
Feb 15
8 min read
My Time at Portia: 6 tips and tricks to improve your experience
I’m not an expert, but after hitting 90 hours today, I think I know just a bit more of this game than when I started. And I’d like to help you enjoy this game even more! 
Feb 03
4 min read
How to keep yourself clean and healthy as a gamer
It’s not much, but I practice these 3 habits to keep myself somewhat clean and healthy as I smash those my joy-con buttons all night long.
Jan 12
4 min read
Newcomer Series Post #1: Fire Emblem Three Houses
I’ve been on this earth for more than 2 decades and have never played a Fire Emblem game, until now. Yes, yes, I know.
Jan 11
3 min read
What I hope Chunsoft will bring back for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX
I love this franchise but it deserves better from Chunsoft. I'll get this but only if it's the same Mystery Dungeon I love.
Dec 27 '19
4 min read
Guide to choosing Nintendo Switch grips
Sometimes, we forget to think about the basics when buying something. So learn from my slightly costly mistakes.
Dec 13 '19
3 min read
Get the Tomtoc Slim Case
You'd think you need a big case for your Switch when you're out and about, until you realise you can't find your wallet because that very case is sitting right on top of it and you're trying too hard to get it out. Yeah, a slim case is just what you need.
Nov 24 '19
3 min read
Why Pokémon will never go open world
Pokémon will never, mark my words, go fully into becoming an open world game. The essence of Pokémon is just not a right fit for that. Here's why.
Nov 18 '19
2 min read
Easiest way to catch Ditto in Pokémon Sword and Shield
I found a quick way to find Ditto(s)! Real glad to have found this, so I'm sharing it with all of you.
Nov 12 '19
4 min read
Why we Pokémon fans are not happy with Game Freak
There's a ton of reasons why we're less than pleased. I've been following the scene for a bit, and here are the main reasons why.
Oct 28 '19
3 min read
Things you didn't know about Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea Time
So I noticed A LOT of unspoken details in the Tea Time mini game. Well played IntSys & Koei Tecmo.